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Carbon shower filter compatible with Culligan ISH-100 Inline Shower Filter

Model: SF003   

Key Feature

•[Complete Compatibility] Compatible with Culligan ISH-100 Inline shower filter.
•[NSF Certified] NSF certified natural coconut shell activated carbon, removing chlorine, odor, color, VOC, THM's, etc.
•[Consistent Water Pressure] YUNDA high-performance inline water filter won't reduce existing water pressure for an improved rinse.
•[Free Your Hands] No tools required, easy to install.
•[Longer Life, More Durable] This filter cartridge use 6 months or 10000 gallons / 37850 liters. Depending on water conditions or when the smell of chlorine returns.
•[Body Care] Less well risk of developing eczema, reduces dry itchy skin, dandruff cares about the health of the skin, hair, nails ideal for bathing children and your pets.
•[22-year Manufacturer Experience] YUNDA has 22 years of experience as a professional water treatment manufacturer dedicated to R&D, manufacturing, and sales.
•[OEM & ODM] OEM and ODM order are accepted, and any kind of logo printing or design are available.

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SF003 compatible with Culligan ISH-100 Inline Show Filter System, is a good carbon shower filter. Carbon shower filters can reduce Chlorine, Sulfur Odor, Scale,and what's more important, they also give softer, cleaner skin and hair. If you need a new culligan water filter to replace the old one now, that's your best choice.

carbon shower filter

• Install on standard 1/2” threaded shower arm

• Culligan water filter is easy to install no tools required

• Carbon shower filter can replace filter cartridge 6month or 10000gallons/37850 liters(depending on water conditions or when the smell of chlorine returns)

•  Reduces Chlorine, Sulfur Odor, Scale Giving softer, cleaner skin and hair

• Culligan water filter replacement cartridge: SF004(compatible with Culligan WHR-140)

culligan water filter

• NSF Certified Natural Coconut Shell Activated Carbon - Remove Chlorine, Odor, Color, VOC, THM's etc.

• KDF55-Remove Chlorine, Pesticides and Heavy Metals; Inhibit the growth of Microorganism; Improving the  condition of your skin hair and nails.


Yunda Filter is an ISO9001 factory established in 2001. Yunda has been in the field of water and air filtration for over 17 years.Yunda Filter has two production bases for professional manufacturing of all kinds of water such as carbon shower filter & air filters and cartridges. We focus on providing all whole- house water purification and end- use water purification products. We produce filters for Home Appliance, such as refrigerator water & carbon shower filter, auto- coffee machine water filters, Cooker Hood Filters, Air conditioning filters. We also provide End- Use filters such as carbon shower filter, tap water filters, pool filter cartridges; And the outdoor water filters, such as portable water filters, RV water filters.

Yunda Filter has got the authoritative NSF 53, NSF 42 and NSF 372 Certifications from WQA. Yunda also got NSF 42, NSF 372 Certifications from NSF and IAPMO. We are the sole manufacturer who have got all the three authoritative certifications of NSF, WQA and IAPMO.Yunda Filter is exporting its products to high-level market including USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.

To some products such as culligan water filter,we have occupied 30 - 50 % market share of these markets. We are keeping improving our work to provide the suitable products and best services, culligan water filter​is is one of our important product.Yunda Filter has a professional R & D team which has 15 persons who has over 10 years’ experience. If you need a new culligan water filter to replace the old one now, that's your best choice.The R & D team has developed over 10 new filtration Systems specially for international famous brands in past two years. Yunda Filter expects to cooperate with customers for mutual development and benefits, to build a prosperous future. Replace it now with a new carbon shower filter!

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