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Shower Replacement Filter Cartridge for 4 Stage shower Filter System

Model: SF001-NF   

Key Feature

•[4 Stages Filtration] The shower filter is designed for shower head and handheld shower with 4 stages powerful filtering capability, providing you with a healthy bath environment. Prevent your skin, hair, nails from aging.
•[NSF Certified] NSF certified natural coconut shell activated carbon, removing chlorine, odor, color, VOC, THM's, etc.
•[Body Care] Less well risk of developing eczema, reduces dry itchy skin, dandruff cares about the health of the skin, hair, nails ideal for bathing children and your pets.
•[Complete Compatibility] Can be placed over overhead, handheld, rainfall, and combo shower heads for versatile home use.
•[Consistent Water Pressure] YUNDA high-performance inline water filter won't reduce existing water pressure for an improved rinse.
•[22-year Manufacturer Experience] YUNDA has 22 years of experience as a professional water treatment manufacturer dedicated to R&D, manufacturing, and sales.
•[OEM & ODM] OEM and ODM order are accepted, and any kind of logo printing or design are available.

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•KDF55 Remove Chlorine, pesticides and Heavy Metals
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•Calcium Sulfite  
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Basic Parameters 


1 pc



Case Weight

9.5kg = 20.9pounds

Case Dimension

55.5cm x 35.5cm x 20cm= 21.9" x 14.0" x 7.9"


36Cases  (Based on 1.1m x 1.1m=43.3”x 43.3" pallet)

Pallet Weight

357kg = 785.4pounds

Pallet Dimension

1.11m x 1.11m x 1.35m = 43.7" x 43.7" x 53.1"

Individual Unit Weight With Box

225g = 7.9oz      

Individual Unit Box  Dimension

6.7cm x 6.7cm x 9.0cm = 2.6" x 2.6" x 3.5"


Flow Rate: 1.1gpm/4lpm

Max Temperature: 80℃/176℉

FILTRATION LIFE: 6months/12000gallons 

•Depends on water quality and level of contaminants.

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