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What is RO Reverse Osmosis Membrane?

The reverse osmosis separation and filtration technology originated from research in the aerospace field, mainly to solve the problem of water used by astronauts. Therefore, the water that has undergone reverse osmosis treatment in the past is also called space water, and the RO membrane is called a high-tech "artificial kidney".

After that, this technology was gradually converted to civilian use. At present, the top RO membrane is used for polymer filtration in the fields of medicine, military, food, scientific research, and seawater desalination at home and abroad.

As RO membrane technology matures, RO reverse osmosis water purifiers have entered thousands of households and become the safest clean drinking water solution for households. The filtered water that can be directly drunk has changed the traditional way of drinking water in the past, which not only protects the drinking water health of residents, but also greatly improves people's quality of life.

Classification of RO film

Some water purifiers are divided into 50G, 500G, and 600G. What does it mean? Actually, this is mainly determined by the RO membrane filter element. The larger the number, the larger the volume of the RO membrane equipped with the machine. The higher the average water production volume, the higher the water output. Will be faster.

Maintenance of RO membrane

Generally speaking, the RO membrane filter element will be in the fourth or fifth layer of the water purifier, and the service life is longer than other filter elements.

A water purifier is basically composed of PP cotton, activated carbon, RO membrane and other filter elements. The first few stages of filter elements filter large particles of impurities, which largely protects the RO membrane filter element.

However, users usually have to develop the habit of replacing the filter element in time. Because the water purifier has been used for a long time, it is likely that impurities will enter the RO membrane and block the pores of the RO membrane, causing its life to shorten or even no water.

Therefore, timely replacement of filter elements at all levels of the water purifier can not only ensure healthy water quality, but also extend the service life of the RO membrane and save the cost of replacing the core as a whole.

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